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You spend a lot of time in your head - some days you describe yourself as thoughtful, many days you accuse yourself of overthinking. Maybe you’ve been told to “get out of your head,” but you’re not totally sure what that even means? You’re interested in getting into your body and moving around, but you’re not sure how, or where. Traditional fitness spaces and exercises classes have left you feeling out of place. You’re wondering what’s the point, you’re pretty comfortable in your head after all - thanks for asking, but mind your own business.

There are other places to be, besides your head. Taking the time and practice to connect to all layers of your experience - your body, your energy, yes, even your mind - is an effort that leads toward integration. Integration of sensations, thoughts, emotions, musings, gut-feelings, vibes - into one, whole, valid, true person (that’s you). There are places where you belong. At Enby Flow, all bodies and presentations are welcome. With honesty, empathy, creativity, and curiosity, yoga is able to meet all bodies, including yours, just as they are.



Enby Flow offers both individual yoga sessions and Trans/Non-binary yoga classes.

Individual yoga sessions are a space to develop your personal yoga practice with one-on-one instruction, hands-on assists, and personalized flows and variations.

Trans/Non-binary yoga is a gentle, all-levels class for trans, non-binary, genderqueer, gender-non-conforming, and questioning folks. Yoga is for everybody, and this class honors that truth by maintaining space for our community. Come practice in community!

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Want to know more about Enby Flow? Read about Lizz and their journey on the About page. Interested in attending a Trans/Non-binary Yoga class? You’ll find the calendar and community standards here. If individual yoga sessions sound like the right place for you, you’ll find all the information you need to get started right here. Visit the Contact page to reach out, send your questions, schedule your first appointment, and check out Seattle Movement Project - the community studio in Madrona where Enby Flow holds all classes and individual sessions.

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Wherever you are, right now, is a great place to start building and expanding your sense of community, embodiment, and support through yoga. Contact Enby Flow today to get started!