In the thick of it

In the thick of it

I’ve been busy, babes! 

I’m in the final stages of certification in Integrated Movement Therapy. Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT) is a whole-person therapeutic framework rooted in yoga philosophy. I’ve been studying, meeting clients, writing reports, meeting with my mentor, leading Trans/Enby yoga, planning future classes and workshops, and working at my day job.   

Come June, I’ll be certified and starting my private IMT practice! I have studied IMT for three years – training, studying, practicing, reflecting – IMT has changed my life, honestly. I’ve learned so much from so many teachers. One of my first IMT teachers, Molly Lannon Kenny, started IMT more than 20 years ago, here in Seattle ( I’m so grateful she did.  

I am so excited and motivated and inspired to bring my IMT practice in service of queer and trans folks – my priority as always. In the next few months, I’ll be sharing more about IMT including rates, locations and filling my schedule with new clients!  

Thank you for coming to class, donating what you can, sharing posts, telling your friends, putting fliers up in your favorite coffee shops – thank you for your support!

Thank you for your continued support as Enby Flow, and my practice, grow and shift and open up to more community members – we’re growing! And I’m grounded in our community, every Sunday morning and every other Monday night.

See you there. 



Spring Time

Spring Time