Trans/Enby Yoga is One Year Old!

Trans/Enby Yoga is One Year Old!

Trans/Enby Yoga has been a donation-based, community movement space for more than a year now! I’m so grateful to everyone who has come, donated and told their friends! I’m so proud that this space exists. I’m so thankful that we all keep showing up, every week, to connect and grow and support each other.

This past year I have learned and grown so much. The past few months, especially, I’ve taken time to get clear about what I can offer, how I want to offer it, and where my work fits in with my personal, professional, and collective dreams.

One of my dreams is to offer physically and financially accessible movement therapy and yoga to my communities of queer, trans, non-binary, and chronically-ill folks. One of my dreams is to have plenty of free time and friend time. Another one of my dreams is to be able to comfortably support myself and my dog, here in Seattle.

One thing I’ve learned is that, to meet MY dreams, I can’t be for everyone all the time. AS MUCH as I may fantasize about offering yoga and movement therapy to everyone who wants it, wherever and whenever they are (that’s just how much I believe in this work) I’m a person with bills and no car - just like a lot of you.

So when people have reached out and said things like:

“When is your class? Oh, I work at that time!”

“I wish you had a space on the north side.”

“I’m looking for something more energetic.”

I want to meet them. I want to teach a class on the north side! I want to teach more classes at different times! I want to offer classes with a variety of styles and paces. But in trying to meet every piece of casual feedback, I overextended myself (a few times).

As I was taking my time, clarifying my work and my intentions, I had an idea for a resource list of movement classes for trans, non-binary, queer, and POC folks.

So when people say things like:

“It takes me 2 hours to get there by bus!”

“This looks great but, do you know of any POC classes?”

I can remain focused on my work and then send them a link to a list FULL of other movement classes for marginalized folks!

So here’s the open call:

Are you a teacher or trainer who identifies as queer, trans, non-binary, and/or POC? Do you lead, or know of, movement classes for marginalized folks? Please reach out! Let’s build this resource together.

Looking forward to another year 😊



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