Queer/Trans Yoga

Queer/Trans Yoga is an expansion of the Trans/Non-binary Yoga community and guided by the same intentions of creating space for all bodies, genders, and presentations to have access to a comfortable space to experience embodiment. Queer/Trans yoga is an All Levels-Gentle Flow class by, and for, all LGBTQIA+ folks.

Class is offered by donation. Please, give what you can! Donations can be made via cash, Venmo, Cash-app, Google wallet, and PayPal.

Time + Location

Tuesdays, 7-8pm

Seattle Movement Project

Accessibility information: There is one single occupancy restroom. There are no stairs.


Bring your own mat

Bring your own water bottle

Wear comfortable clothes

Coming to class this weekend?



Queer/Trans yoga is a community class based on participation, feedback, reflection and adaptation.

  • All bodies and presentations are welcome

  • Please share your name + pronouns (if used)

  • they/them pronouns are default

  • Allies can offer support by making a donation below {Donations are not tax deductible}


Your participation, feedback, and support are vital! Use the contact form to send me your feedback, thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, or talk to me after class!

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